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Women Leaders Secret to Building a Successful Brand (Advance)

Everything we've done to build GROW into the brand is it today, is available here. We give you exclusive access to courses and monthly  live group coaching, tutorials and per recorded conversations with experts, as well as monthly insight into how we are building our brand. New content added bi- weekly.

Lastly, with advance subscription comes a potential marketing opportunities on Grow Women Leaders media account where you can get your business in front of over 100,000 women leaders around Canada and beyond 


  • Show you how to develop your product from your purpose, build a business that can fully support your financial needs
  • Help you map out your goals plans and strategies so you can remain focused while producing amazing results
  • Show you how to put system and process in place that will help you automate your income
  • Show you how to develop a sustainable successful business model, that will help you generate desire income 

These Includes access to 11 products:

•  1. Women Leaders BluePrint Startup Guide - (Start Here)($299)

• 2. How to Start and Build a Personal Product and Service Brand, includes pricing strategy, branding design, brand design ($299)

• 3. How to Create Product Photography with a Smartphone ($149)

• 4. Sourcing: How to Find the Perfect vendor for your business ($299)

• 5. Launch Your Brand like a Boss ($199)

• 6. How to Create Facebook & Instagram Ads that Convert ($599)

• 7. Making The sales that Work my business  ($249)

• 8. How to do Email Marketing That Works ($249)

• 9. How to Create Resourceful Content that Works  BONUS: How to Use Social media to Build Your Brand.($149)

• How to Create Instagram and Facebook Ads that Work ($25)

Closing deals in one try

 10. Closing deals in one try ($250)

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